BoomCMS v6.1 Released

Asset manager and chunk improvements

We're pleased to announce the release of BoomCMS v6.1. This release has primarily focused on adding more functionality to the Asset Manager to make it easier to manage digital asset libraries. The other major change is the removal of feature chunks in favour of expanding the functionality of linksets.

Asset manager improvements

Assets have been expanded to include a published date / time which can be use to sort the asset manager, asset picker, and asset libraries in pages.

More asset metadata

Previously it was possible to the EXIF data for JPEG files uploaded to the asset manager. This functionality has been expanded to include metadata for PDFs, videos, and Microsoft Word Documents.

In addition when uploading an asset the description, credits, title, and published date are now automatically populated from the asset metadata, where available.

Private assets

Assets can now be marked as private to prevent them from being visible to users who are not logged in to BoomCMS.

Enhanced Linksets

Linksets have been enhanced to combine the functionality previous provided by feature chunks and linksets. This means that it's now possible to have a linkset which mixes internal and external pages or a featured link which can link to either an internal or external page.

Improved mobile support

As part of the changes to the functionality of linksets the interface for editing links has been redesigned so that it works better on mobile devices, including smartphones.

We've also fixed an issue with editing page titles where the page title length counter was appearing over the page title.

Full support for mobile devices is still a long term goal, but one which is getting closer with each release.